5 Signs You Need Siding Repair Rochester NY

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Most homeowners prefer siding repair Rochester NY because it is less expensive and takes less time. But when can you tell that your home’s siding requires repairs only instead of a total replacement? When can you say that repairs may still do just fine? If you want to save thousands of dollars in replacement costs, you need to know the answers to these questions.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the signs your home’s siding needs repair. This is so you have an idea about when it needs mere repairs only and not complete siding replacement.

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Gaps between the siding panels

If there are gaps between one or more siding panels, then repair may be necessary right away. It may require caulking around the edges, including in between each panel. Remember that if these gaps are left ignored, insects and water may enter inside the siding causing major damage. And if the majority of the siding is already affected, then replacement may be the best option instead. So once you notice these gaps, have them repaired immediately.

Minor holes and cracks

If caught early, minor holes and cracks can be repaired easily by an expert in siding repair Rochester NY. Minor holes are usually caused by hail dents or stray stones while cracks are caused by changing climate conditions such as extreme cold or heat. As soon as you notice them, do not ignore the problem as they could worsen and warrant a full siding replacement. Just remember that so long as the holes and cracks are only minor, you can just repair the affected areas without replacing them.

Dents on the siding

Similar to minor cracks and holes, dents are relatively easy to fix and usually call for a replacement of the affected panels only, without needing to replace the entire siding itself. Dents are usually sustained by your siding when it is hit by fast-moving objects (like hail during a storm or rocks thrown by a lawnmower) or impacted by a large object (like a snowblower). However, if the dents affect the majority of your siding already, replacement may be the best option instead.

Minor to moderate mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are all bad for your home’s siding so as soon as you notice them, have them removed right away. So long as the mold and mildew are detected and removed early, repairs will do just fine. Just make sure that before making any repairs, know exactly why your siding has mold so you can address the root cause of the problem and completely remove all the affected areas because the problem can recur if some areas are left untreated. And it may even progress to rot if neglected.

Rot in a small area

If you have wood siding installed on your home, then you should look out for rots. Sometimes it can spread out quickly across a large portion of the wood panel but other times it can also start in a single, small area. So long as the rot is confined to a specific section only and has not penetrated the wall beneath the siding, then you can still repair them by replacing the affected areas only. You don’t have to replace the entire siding of your home.

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