Woodpeckers are fascinating creatures with their distinct drumming sounds and vibrant plumage. However, when these industrious birds decide to make your home their own, it can quickly become a cause for concern. In this guide, we’ll explore what to do when a woodpecker starts sharing your home and how to address the issue before it escalates. Whether you’re in need of a roofer in Rochester, NY, or simply seeking effective solutions for woodpecker woes, we’ve got you covered.

Identifying the Problem

The first step in addressing a woodpecker invasion is to identify the source of their attraction. Woodpeckers often target homes for various reasons, including searching for insects, establishing territory, or even building nests. If you’ve noticed distinctive drumming sounds echoing through your walls or observe pecking damage on your siding, it’s time to take action.

Seeking Professional Help

When faced with persistent woodpecker troubles, it’s wise to consult with local roofing experts. A reliable roofer in Rochester, NY, can assess the extent of the damage and provide tailored solutions to protect your home. Professional roofing contractors in Rochester, NY, are well-versed in dealing with avian intrusions and can offer insights into prevention methods.

Protective Measures for Your Home

  1. Install Woodpecker Deterrents:
    To discourage woodpeckers from further damaging your home, consider installing deterrents such as reflective tape, scare balloons, or plastic predators. These visual and auditory cues can disrupt the woodpecker’s routine, prompting them to seek a quieter location.
  2. Repair and Seal Entry Points:
    Work with a roofer in Rochester to identify and repair any existing vulnerabilities in your roof or siding. Seal gaps and cracks that could serve as potential entry points for woodpeckers, ensuring a secure and uninviting environment.
  3. Apply Repellents:
    Explore environmentally-friendly repellents designed to deter woodpeckers. These can be sprayed on affected areas and provide a taste or scent that these birds find unpleasant, encouraging them to move on to more suitable locations.

Maintaining a Woodpecker-Friendly Environment

Understanding the habits and preferences of woodpeckers can help you create an environment that is less appealing to them. Regularly prune trees and shrubs around your home, keeping branches away from the roof to limit access points. Additionally, remove any insects or larvae from your property that might be attracting woodpeckers in the first place.


Addressing a woodpecker invasion requires a combination of preventive measures and professional assistance. If you’re in the Rochester, NY, area and facing woodpecker-related roofing issues, enlist the help of experienced roofing contractors. By working with a roofer in Rochester, you can safeguard your home and ensure a harmonious coexistence with your feathered neighbors. Don’t let woodpeckers turn your residence into their personal drumming ground—take action today to protect your home and maintain its integrity.

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